As part of the JISC World War One Discovery Programme to mark the centenary in 2014 of the outbreak of the War, King's College London has created an accessible online database which captures information on UK university, archive, library and museum holdings relating to the conflict.

Collections may be in both analogue and digital form, however the project has mainly focused on those collections which have already been digitised.

Of the collections digitised and available online, a listing and assessment of the most commonly used popular and expert websites that support teaching, learning and research has also been included. This work builds on the important contribution made by a 'pathfinder' survey undertaken by the Imperial War Museum in 2011, supported by JISC and the Wellcome Trust.

The broader King's project has also reviewed First World War teaching and digital content usage in UK Higher and Further education and subsequently and has examined emerging research and teaching trends.

Read the project report here (PDF 6MB)

As part of the commemoration activities, JISC and the University of Oxford have created an online teaching resource at http://ww1centenary.oucs.ox.ac.uk. For more information on other JISC World War One commemoration activities, see: http://jiscww1.jiscinvolve.org/wp/

Latest update:

September 2012: Rewriting History - The JISC/ Wikipedia World War One Editathon

Wikipedia's page on World War One attracts approximately 7.3 million page views per year, which helps substantiate the view that most searches, whether for general interest or in an educational capacity, start with Wikipedia. However, the key contention with Wikipedia has always been its perceived lack of authority and reliability - "Wikipedia is nice to understand...but I am hesitant to quote it directly in my work." (Engineering and computer science).

With so many students and researchers increasingly using Wikipedia to, at the very least, inform further research, the need for improved accuracy is a pressing issue. In order to address this issue in a pragmatic way, JISC and Wikimedia hosted the first of its kind ‘Editathon’ around World War One at the British Library...

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Additional Help & Resources

This website lists analogue and digital content by repository - archive, library or museum; and also by main collection within the larger repositories.

Links are provided to online catalogues, along with other useful information.

Online resources survey the most heavily used national free and subscription services and independent websites recommended by academic focus groups.

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